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Teens Needing Teens (TNT)

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Teens Needing Teens (TNT)

What is TNT?

The purpose of TNT is to provide support and peer to peer mentoring. The TNT members will be eighth grade students who have shown an interest in and capacity for helping others. Mentors are assigned groups of students. The program has been up and running in Wilkinson County Middle School for over 10 years.

What exactly do TNT members do?

Peer Mentors co-lead presentations and assembies alongside the Guidance Counselor. Mentors will offer information, advise and support around academic issues, extracurricular activities, social adjustment, and how to access resources at the middle school. The nature of the contacts and relationships outside of the scheduled meeting times will vary depending on the needs of the mentees. Some mentors provide tutoring, others interact around shared interests and activities, and some may talk during free periods.

Who can I talk with to get more information about TNT?

TNT is advised by Mrs. Denea James, our School Guidance Counselor. Mrs. James can be reached in the Guidance Office at 478-946-2541 ext 109. She is eager to talk with you about this terrific program!