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  Mission Statement  

Expand - Empower - Excel (E3)

  About The School  

Wilkinson County Middle School

WCMS offers students the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of a rigorous academic program, enhanced by technology instruction, that will prepare them for high school advanced studies and beyond. A unique component of WCMS is that both its instruction and student performance elements are infused with technology.

Students will move at an advanced pace through a technology-rich academic curriculum. At the core of the program is the goal of transforming students from basic computer users into leaders ready to succeed in a 21st century environment.

 You can find us on Facebook at @WCMSWarriorsGA !

WCMS Administrative Team

Dr. Angela S. James  


Mrs. Tiffany S. Crockett   

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Denea L. James  

Guidance Counselor

School Hours

Take In Time:
7:15 AM
Dismissal Time:
3:25 PM
Main Telephone Line:

Wilkinson County School District

Dr. Aaron Geter       


Dr. Virginia Rozier  

Assistant Superintendent

Deborah Happoldt  

PEC Director

Dr. Chiquita Geter  

Asst. PEC Director / RTI Coordinator 

Kim Mack  

Instructional Support Specialist

Michelle Ransom  

Instructional Support Specialist

District Vision Statement

Making Students Competent Builders of a Globally Competitive Future

District Mission Statement
Expand - Empower - Excel (E3)

Beliefs of Wilkinson County Schools:

  • Educators should utilize varied instructional strategies, hands-on learning experiences, and seek professional and personal improvement through continuous learning and shared leadership.
  • Collaborative relationships with parents, school, and the community enhance schools’ ability to positively impact student achievement.
  • Schools must provide a positive culture where students feel safe and are able to learn to their fullest potential.
  • High achievement is the direct result of high expectations.
  • The continuous use of data analysis processes is the foundation of informed instructional decision making.
  • The school environment should maximize instructional time and eliminate any obstructions to time on task.